Amazing gift from Eritrean President Isayas


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After over three weeks of war, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has guaranteed triumph in his military mission against Ti gray's decision party, the Ti gray People's Liberation Front (T PLF). The savage battling there has left great many regular people and security powers dead, as per the International Crisis Group. In excess of 40,000 individuals have allegedly fled the contention territory, generally to Sudan. Fears are developing that Ethiopia's inside clash could spread past its lines as Abiy opposes calls for discourse. 


One nation is as of now more associated with the emergency than some other. "[Eritrean President] Isaias Afewerki has been in this battle from the very first moment," Ethiopia spectator Kevin Troll, research head of harmony and strife learns at Norway's Bjerknes University College, told DW. 


Ethiopia and its neighbor Eritrea have a long and pained history of contention. In any case, today, Eritrea's Isaiah and Ethiopia's Abiy stand together in battling the T PLF.

"The Eritrean system has considered the To be as for quite a while, which is extremely unexpected," columnist and Eritrea master Michel Wrong told DW.

The rocket assault by the Ti gray People's Liberation Front on Eritrea in mid-November changed an inward Ethiopian emergency into a transnational one. Amidst heightening inside clash between Ethiopia's northernmost area, Ti gray, and the government, it was a distinct token of a verifiable contention that proceeds to shape and reshape Ethiopia.


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