Aljazeera debate on the use of Nile river by Ethiopia and its effect on Egypt and Sudan


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Witness the Sudanese Scholar! Watch this video ... ________________ • Ethiopia has always been self-reliant. You have never bowed to anyone. • The Arab League's declaration is shameful and discriminatory against Egypt. This is a decision that will disrupt the Arab League. • Habib: Although Ethiopia is not a member of the Arab League, the Ethiopian people are half Muslims. Ethiopia is the country of bin Laden ibn Rabbah, the country of Ahmed Nejash. But the Arab League has forgotten this. • Ethiopia is the closest country to the Arabs and neighbors. • Sudan's position is not only important but also obligatory. This is because Sudan is a country of development. If we did not make this decision, the people of Sudan would be against the government. • Egypt has never dreamed of a day for Sudan. • Egypt, not Egypt, has been living with the United States to keep South Sudan out of Sudan. • Egypt's 30-year ban on Sudan has demanded that Egypt lift its sanctions one day. Ethiopia has done what it can. • During a recent political dispute over Sudan, Egypt splashed its media propaganda in an attempt to crush the Sudanese nation, but Ethiopia has not spared our country. The whole Sudanese people know this.


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