memher solomon talks about Tigray


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a dad, lived in Aygali kebele of Metekel zone. On November 17, 2020, a gathering of Gumuz furnished men burst into his home while he was with five individuals from his family and slaughtered him before them. At that point the equipped men took his liver out and trained his oldest juvenile child, Asmamaw Dirirsa, to eat it. He nibbled the outfitted man's hand in refusal and was quickly cut to death in counter by the furnished man. The outfitted men took the remainder of the individuals from Girirsa's family. 


In Bekuji, different records of M show, the body of a cleric named Tadesse was found with his tongue and liver missing. Furthermore, he went on, the groups of two ladies in Komanj were found with their liver and kidney missing. 


Such assaults are not detached occurrences focusing on a solitary individual or family yet a mass slaughtering of individuals dependent on their ethnic personalities, M clarifies. Media reports additionally show that various such assaults have occurred in various zones of Metekel zone. In spite of the fact that it may not be thorough, a portion of the significant assaults in the course of recent months as announced by the Ethiopian Human Rights Council include: 


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