Rear admiral Kindu Gezu response to Siye Abraha


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Notwithstanding the progressing mass ethnic-related killings in Metekel zone by a furnished gathering of Gumuz men and multitude of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF Shene), the Gumuz follow their inception to a typical progenitor with the lighter looking highlanders. An examination by Wondim Tiruneh named "The Socio-Cultural History, the Economic and Political Development of the Minority Society: The Case of Benishangul Gumuz (1991-2018)" portrays the accompanying story by Gumuz older folks: 


Metekel: Stop the killings first 


Once up on a period, twin children were said to have been conceived from a mother. One of the twin children was dark cleaned (Gumuz) and the different was reasonable hued (non-Gumuz High Lander). The two of them grew up and developed, and afterward challenged for power without a neighborhood get together. From the outset; the two of them were given a pony for dashing. In any case, the Gumuz tumbled down, while the highlander dashed well. At that point they were offered to browse bow and bolt from one perspective and lance and shield on the other. At that point the Gumuz took the previous and the non-Gumuz took the last mentioned. Progressively, they were likewise made to browse Inga (the Gumuz expression for porridge) and Injera, where the Gumuz supported the previous while the highlander supported the last mentioned. Later they were approached to settle either to one side (in the Central good countries of Ethiopia) or to one side (towards the marshes of the outskirts). From these two other options, the non-Gumuz decided to settle to one side in the focal high countries and the Gumuz decided to settle to one side towards the outskirts. 



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