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We are living in a period that sets incredible expectations upon our endeavors to keep sound through a very much oversaw dietary program. 


With all the devitalized and manufactured staples available to us, it is frequently hard to acquire the essential characteristic food sources that will keep our bodies healthy. 


Many hard-procured dollars are being squandered via our mouths. 


We all are ravenous for those essential necessities that our "Omniscient" Creator planned our bodies to have, to keep a solid, energetic and responsive body. 


We can at this point don't rely on nature alone to supply the human body with its imperative life powers. 


We should help out nature by having a careful comprehension of our physiology and real requirements. At that point, and really at that time, would we be able to harvest from nature that which keeps us healthy. 


We have encountered three "monsters" in our advanced society. They separately are: our food makers, promoting offices and stores, and clueless purchasers and housewives who are liable for the food that is set before us. 


The makers of our nourishment today think that it's hard to be serious and still develop staples without business manures and splashes. In view of this we can barely try not to purchase sullied nourishment. 


The promoting offices don't need aged leafy foods vegetables, because of a paranoid fear of misfortunes because of deterioration and transportation. Along these lines, most nourishment are constrained developed and collected prematurely, making them substandard in healthy benefits. 


New, aged food sources, in their normal state, gangs the most noteworthy nutritive worth and this can't be improved by protecting or handling, warming, or aging. These simply will in general crush its worth. 


Bubbled vegetables that have been stripped and the water discarded have no taste, so something should be done to make them satisfactory. Thus, we "specialist them up" by blending sugar, salt, flavors, MSG, spread or margarine, and other "things" together.


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